Befriending Ourselves: 

Resources for Inner Peace and Compassionate Self-Care


How Do You Care for Yourself When Life Gets Hard?

You've probably realized by now that life can feel really hard: You don't always get what you want, and you often get what you don't want. Have you ever stopped to notice how you relate to yourself when difficulties arise?

Tuning In to Your Inner Dialogue

Oftentimes, when things don't go our way and we experience difficult emotions, we can become our own worst enemy. Have you ever listened to your inner dialogue and how violent it can be? We fail a test and criticize ourselves as stupid. We don't get the job we wanted and tell ourselves we'll never amount to anything. We get angry about something and berate ourselves for not being "nice" or "spiritual" or a "good person."

Befriending Yourself

If this harsh way of relating to yourself sounds familiar, you are not alone! Many of us have learned to criticize ourselves from our families and a culture that is focused on perpetual self-improvement. But what if there was another way you could relate to yourself when you're having an experience you'd rather not be having? What if instead of being your own worst enemy you could be your own best friend?


The practices and resources below are here to help you relate to pain, anger, fear, anxiety, disappointment, loneliness, shame, sadness, and any other difficult emotional experience with compassion. If you're tired of being in conflict with yourself and are longing for inner peace, I encourage you to check out these resources. By clicking on the links below, you can learn about a variety of practices for inner peace and compassionate self-care, and you can start implementing all of these tools immediately. All of these practices are intended to help you treat yourself with the kindness and love you would bestow upon your best friend, a beloved pet, or your own real or imagined baby.