Connected Communication 10-Week Online Course

with Newt Bailey + Ali Miller

Many people fall into “fighting” or “arguing” even when they don’t really want to. Often each person knows they would like to find a more effective and harmonious way to communicate, but they find themselves repeatedly sliding down the slippery slope into old habits.

This is a great place from which to start, though. If you and another person have a shared desire to change, you’re in a great place to actually make rapid change. It’s useful to have a starting point that’s pretty quick to learn — a simple set of guidelines you can stick to when you feel yourself sliding down that slippery slope, or when you know in advance that tension and disconnection are likely.

That’s what we’re offering through this online course – an efficient way for you to start reaping the benefits of Nonviolent Communication:

  • Greater self-understanding and self-connection
  • Easier connection with others
  • More of a sense of getting heard and hearing others
  • Fewer conflicts
  • Greater capacity to resolve conflicts when they happen
  • More willingness to ask for what you want
  • A life where you meet more of your needs and hence live more joyfully
  • More energy left to contribute your gifts to the world and to “be the change you wish to see”
  • A community of people to provide support, encouragement, and learning

MARCH 31 - JUNE 9, 2019

The course includes 19 live sixty-minute sessions on video conference, which will be recorded and available to those who can't attend. 

  • 10 sessions with Newt & Ali will happen at 9am Pacific Time on Fridays from April 5th thru June 7th

  • 9 sessions with Newt will happen at 7pm Pacific Time on Thursdays from April 11th thru June 6th

 Our live video sessions provide a chance for:

  • Q&A about the pre-recorded lessons
  • Practice
  • Demonstrations by Newt & Ali
  • Sharing skills not covered in the pre-recorded lessons
  • Opportunity to connect with other course participants all over the world

In addition to the live sessions, the course includes:

  • 2-hours of pre-recorded lessons broken down into short lessons (4 to 10 minutes each). These lessons form a full introduction to the Connected Conversation Process. 
  • Online quizzes + discussion questions 

  • Discussion Forum
  • Practice between classes with other participants
  • Daily review and practice request emails
  • Written course materials to reinforce the pre-recorded and live video lessons

Meet the Teachers

Back in 2011, Newt Bailey and Ali Miller took a walk together to discuss how they could condense their experiences using and sharing Nonviolent Communication into a new way to teach and talk about this powerful work. Out of that walk and talk came a new tool they call the “Connected Conversation Process.” After all, since connection is one of the primary intentions of Nonviolent Communication, why not structure conversations so that they lead to increased connection, and decreased conflict?

At the Communication Dojo, they often refer to Nonviolent Communication as “Connected Communication” – so as to always keep it in mind what the aim is when in dialogue with someone.

Newt and Ali have taught Connected Communication, including the Connected Conversation Process, to many people in the years since, and they’re both now very excited to take their teaching to a wider audience in this 10-week online course.

 Newt Bailey 

Founder of the Communication Dojo

Newt’s passion is to help people develop the awareness and practical skills for greater connection with others, and greater self-connection, allowing them to live more joyful lives and to have more energy available to give their gifts to the world.

From his first training in 2005 Newt has set out to understand and share with others the essential core of NVC. He believes strongly in teaching the principles of NVC in a way that frees students from specialized language, and allows facility with connected communication to grow in small, quickly assimilated steps.

Since 2006 Newt has been facilitating NVC groups, and leading intro classes and class series like Empowered Communication 1&2 at BayNVC, and his own Communication Dojo classes, in public and organizational settings, and with prisoners and parolees. He has led retreats using John Kinyon’s “Mediate Your Life” methodology in both the US and Europe, joined Miki Kashtan for the “Conflict Hotline” TV shows and “Making Collaboration Real – NVC in the Workplace” yearlong program, and was the guest co-leader in the annual NVC Santa Cruz “FUNfest” Summer Retreat.

Ali Miller

Ali Miller provides therapy and communication workshops in her Berkeley, CA private practice, where she helps people cultivate the self-compassion and communication skills it takes to create and sustain satisfying relationships. 

In 2006, she encountered Nonviolent Communication and has been passionately sharing this work ever since. In 2007, she met Newt Bailey in an NVC practice group, and began supporting him with the Communication Dojo shortly thereafter.

Ali is a graduate of BayNVC’s Immersion Program and was a member of that program’s leadership team for several years. She also completed BayNVC’s Open-Hearted Therapy program.

Ali also provides NVC in the Therapeutic Setting trainings to mental health professionals at conferences, agencies, and out of her office. 

Watch the Trailer

One component of the course is that Newt and Ali teach, demonstrate, and support you in practicing a communication process they developed together, including scenes where they role-play a couple. You get to follow the couple as they work through conflicts and deepen their connection, so that you can start applying these skills in your own relationships. 

Join Newt and Ali and start having more connected conversations right away.

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